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General Services

When we say we want to be your full-service, one-stop shop electrical contractor, we mean it! With a dedicated account manager to provide you with impeccable customer service from start to finish on every project, we offer a number of general services that add value for you as a customer. We want to be the only number you need for all your electrical needs.

We specialize in the following

Power Monitoring
ARC Flash Studies & Training
Lighting Retrofits
Network Communications
Infared Testing
Troubleshooting & Service Calls

We can help you understand the power quality and demand at your facility with our calibrated power monitoring meters and detailed reports. We can assist you in preventative maintenance as we capture infrared, thermographic images and document potential hazards. We can offer cost-saving, energy-efficient, high-output lighting fixtures. We can provide comprehensive network solutions to ensure reliable, site-wide communications. And we make ourselves available for specialized training, troubleshooting, maintenance, and service calls.

In short, we want to be there for you. To make your life easier. To make you the hero at your facility.