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Where We Work

Since 1980, we’ve designed and completed projects for the industrial customer and have made it a point to work and serve customers in environments of all kinds. Our specialty has always been the food and beverage sector, but that is by no means where our expertise ends. Our ability to safely and successfully complete projects for a variety of customers in a variety of environments truly sets us apart.


One of the largest beverage manufacturing companies in the world has been a loyal customer since our very first year in business. Since then, we’ve added scores of other beverage customers who can or bottle water, milk, creamers, juices, soft drinks, and beer. Our early success in this sector opened the door to makers and packagers of food as well: breads, bagels, cheeses, ice cream, meat, and more. We are highly regarded in the industry and remain one of the preferred contractors in the food and beverage industry in all southern California.


Our roots in the food and beverage industry have made us extremely proficient and successful with manufacturers of all types. Our customers make anything and everything: automotive parts, pharmaceutical products, plastics, foam, steel, food packages, and more. A few of them even process trash, green waste, and recyclables. If you’ve got a facility with production or processing lines of any type, we’ve got you covered.


We know that the safe and smart storage of product is just as crucial as its production. We excel at making these facilities as safe, efficient, and reliable as possible. Whether we’re installing conveyors, automating processes with new equipment, or simply improving the facility for the tenant, we’re proud to provide electrical service and support to household names in logistics, warehousing, and distribution.


As our reputation spread over the years, we started to get contacted by general, mechanical, refrigeration, and engineering contractors alike, most often at the request of the end customer who preferred our services. So we love partnering as a subcontractor, and if you’ve been contracted to complete a project involving industrial electrical construction or engineering of any sort, we hope you’ll give us the chance to make you look great for the end customer.


From the outset, we’ve established ourselves as experts in unique applications such as cold storage, explosion-proof environments, washdown areas, and clean rooms. We’re familiar with the safety considerations, governmental regulations, and special material required under these conditions and regularly work in these settings.


Based in the heart of Southern California, Delta Wye Electric is strategically positioned to service the counties of Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, and Ventura. We frequently travel and mobilize beyond these areas, including out-of-state, at the request of our customers.