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Mission & Values

Our MISSION is what keeps us focused. It represents our purpose. It’s what each of us is trying to do, individually and collectively, in everything that we do, each and every day here at Delta Wye.

Our mission is to be the best industrial electrical contractor around, building long-lasting customer relationships by providing unbeatable service and superior craftsmanship at a competitive rate.

Our VALUES motivate us to accomplish our mission. They are what inspire and encourage us as we rise above challenges, celebrate successes, and grow to become better every day. We are who we are because we value these things:

  1. WE PRIORITIZE PEOPLE: People come first no matter what, so we obsess over our customers and we work as a diverse team that trusts, respects, and overcommunicates.
  2. WE DO THE RIGHT THING: We want to be great electricians, but we want to be even better people. So we demand honesty, integrity, and generosity.
  3. WE ACT LIKE OWNERS: We take pride in our work, show up with passion, don’t blame others, and never settle for anything but the highest quality.
  4. WE GET THE JOB DONE: We persevere, meet deadlines, solve problems, and do whatever it takes because coming up short is not an option.
  5. WE ARE BETTER EVERY DAY: Good change is good, so we embrace innovation, creativity, and accountability to maximize safety, growth, and efficiency.